Seasons of Alaska

October 11-15, 2021

A five-day virtual camp for Little Learners (ages 2-5) all about the seasons of Alaska. We'll share stories from new, locally-produced board books written by Alaska Native authors about our four seasons, complete fun arts and crafts activities, and hear from local experts about their favorite seasonal activities in Alaska. Camps provide a 6 hour schedule with 2-3 hours of hands on activities. 

Each camper should have received a backpack filled with the materials you need to do the camp activities right at home. 

You may choose to follow our 5 day schedule, or complete the activities on your own time over the next month.

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Meet your camp host!

My name is Scout and I'll be your guide. Meet me at our campsite each day for our interactive fun. Don't worry - I'll email you the link. 

I'm here to guide you through camp and answer all your questions! You can message me anytime at


What is a virtual camp?

A virtual camp is a camp experience you can do right at home with your child, from your living room. Instead of meeting in-person, campers get to attend shared storytimes and presentations online. Your camp kit comes with a daily schedule you can follow if you like, or you can access the storytimes and presentation on our campsite website at your convenience. Either way the virtual camp comes with enough to edu-tain your child for several hours a day.

What equipment do I need to participate?

To watch our storytime and group presentation you'll need a device for accessing this website and playing the videos on it. Smartphones, tablets, and computers work great. No extra apps or equipment is needed! There will be a discussion board on each video where you can ask questions and comment. 

To get the best camp experience we recommend playing the videos on the biggest screen possible. If you have the ability to mirror your screen or cast your device to your TV plan to do that. 

Is parent participation required?

Yes! Your child will need help opening and playing the videos. We encourage you to watch it with them. They'll also need your help guiding them through the daily schedule and activities. Think of it as being their personal camp counselor ;) Don't worry! You'll find that many of the items in your schedule are things you probably are already doing - like eating meals and snacks together, playing, napping, and so on. Made extra special with some other fun themed activities!

What books will be used?

This camp's storytime events will feature Button Up! Fall in Alaska by Angela Gonzales, Mittens and Mukluks! Winter in Alaska by Joni Spiess, Bye-Bye Ice! Springtime in Alaska by Carla Snow, and Let's Play Out! Summer in Alaska by Yaari Toolie-Walker.